Review Policy

what we review

Endless Yarning reviews films, shows, plays, books, events and products.

Endless Yarning prefers to review books that fit underneath these genres, but are not excluded to:

– Indigenous Futurism

– Afrofuturism

– Magical Realism

– Fantasy

– Sci-Fi

– Contemporary

If you’d like a review of a particular book, that doesn’t necessarily fit within these genres, please feel free to contact us with a description, synopsis and why you think Endless Yarning would be a great home for a review. We are open to all review requests but, if the book doesn’t align with our interests or values, we will decline the request. If you’d like to receive an honest review of your/a book, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Endless Yarning reviews all film, shows, and plays, from different categories, genres, and platforms. We are very open to what we review for Endless Yarning and welcome all early screening requests.

The products we review range from make-up to novelty items. We are open to reviewing requests for these type of products. Please contact us to submit a request.